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Boost your business up to 80 per cent with Journalistgym


Journalistgym is a new Gen PR, content writing, book writing, website writing, ghostwriting, translation and affordable digital marketing agency that renders its attendance as a brand consultant. As a premium Content Writing and
Digital Marketing agency,  journalistgym encompassing contemporaneous and trendy approach for our clients to help them improving business processes, lead generation and running campaigns with a strength of 900+ experts.

Boosting your revenue is our business


  • We are an efficient and proven digital marketing agency focussed towards growing your revenue.
  • Firstly, we understand the brand as well as products and then come out with a dominant and momentous promotion strategy as well as return on investment (ROI) trick.
  • Our strategies and tricks vary on nature to nature basis of an organisation and their products.
  • Brand reinforcement and Maintaining positive relationships with key audiences and targeting groups is our main motto.

Services in the political domain


  • We render our services in the political and social domain, too.
  • We deliver political content writing and promotional services to political leaders, social workers and public servants.

 Commanding and state-of-the-art SEO


  • Journalistgym’s SEO content writing serves the requirement of a long-term website and content promotion.
  • We ensure to uplift your content, brand or product’s rank on search engine platforms and social media networks, incorporating state-of-the-art cutting-edge marketing techniques. 
  • we promote your brand/product/book, on social media platforms and boost them by impressive and effective social media campaigns.

Having bailee of satisfied customers


We have bailee of satisfied customers, inherited with a fantastic and glorious journey of Content/book Writing, Digital and Social Media Marketing in India as well as abroad. We have provided our spectacular services to 3000+ customers in last one year.


Our social media campaigns target your key audience


  • We are one of the best intermediaries between merchant and customer, providing services of social media campaigns for identifying and targeting your key audience.
  • Our team organise the intriguing and relevant post that appeal to the interests of customers.
  • We ensure reaching and targeting your product right customers as well as the pertinent region.